What Others are Saying

"Tim Williams shows how by better positioning and differentiating their offering from the rest of the pack, professional firms ultimately help create a marketplace that is easier for us, brand advertisers, to navigate and as a result, significantly improves the chances for the right client/agency partnerships to emerge and drive business impact." 

Bruno Gralpois, Author of Agency Mania Solutions, Co-Founder of Agency Mania Solutions

“Professional services make the mistake of confusing a company mission with a positioning statement which in its simplest form should tell perfect customers why they are the perfect fit for the firm. Williams has done a great job of outlining the common pitfalls of positioning professional services firms while offering invaluable advice on how to avoid repeating them.”  

Beau Fraser, Co-Author, "Death to All Sacred Cows"

“The concept of positioning was decades ahead of its time when it was born, and was all but forgotten when its time finally arrived. Except by Tim Williams. Nobody writing or consulting on the subject today has a stronger and more incisive grasp on what has become the most essential marketing principle of all. This book reminds us that, as with all marketing, success is more certain if we dare to be something than if we try to be everything.” 

Bruce Philip, Author of "The Orange Code: How ING Direct Succeeded by Being a Rebel with a Cause

“Tim Williams has evolved his knowledge of and passion for relevant and distinctive positioning to a new level. In Positioning for Professionals, Tim’s expertise at marketing consumer products and services is expertly extrapolated to the arena of professional services. Every business manager who has responsibility for strategic planning or new business will benefit from Tim’s thorough exploration of positioning professional service brands.”

Tom Finneran, Executive Vice President, American Association of Advertising Agencies

“If you’re in the business of innovation, this book can help you create your own success instead of trying to copy the success of others. “Positioning for Professionals” is the best book on positioning since Trout and Ries’ Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind – and that was written 40 years ago!” 

Joe Phelps, Chairman, The Phelps Group

"Over the course of his career Tim Williams has effectively positioned himself as one of the leading thinkers on marketing, branding and the art of differentiation. With his new book Positioning for Professionals he has cemented his considerable reputation. This book is loaded with insight and practical perspectives, all rendered in a highly readable environment.” 

Tom Simons, Founder, Partners+Simons

“Positioning for Professionals probes dimensions of differentiation that will make you think twice – what may seem natural to do in creating a strong position for your brand, may actually work against it. The book will help you think differently – and be more effective by going against your instincts.”  

Scott Morgan, President, Brunner

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